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Bishop appoints director of UM
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Bishops, UM leaders tour border facilities

More than two dozen United Methodist leaders gathered in the Rio Grande Valley Aug. 17-19 to walk in the footsteps of unaccompanied minors and discuss better ways to be "the church" to all immigrants.
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Jireh House holds annual Back to School event on new grounds
A Minion from Universal and Illumination Entertainment’s popular children’s movie, Despicable Me , stood out front in a throng of people gathered to celebrate the last Saturday before San Antonio schools started.Learn more

Bee Creek UMC works to become a ‘tithing’ congregation
When Heikes and leaders at Bee Creek took a good long look at the church’s spending a few years ago, they noticed that its 1 percent giving did not reflect the heart of parishioners—generosity. So they decided to transform that story.
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Mount Wesley

Southwest Texas Conference’s
retreat facility near Kerrville, Texas

Located in the heart of the beautiful
Texas Hill Country, the Mount Wesley
Conference Center is situated
on a hillside within the city limits
of Kerrville. The scenic, peaceful
64 acres of woodland provide a
unique, secluded, and safe haven
—a sanctuary from the real world—
where guests can retreat to become
refreshed and renewed.
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Bishop Dorff

Jim Dorff
San Antonio Area

God can and will make all
things new and beautiful

It is certainly clear to us all that the summer is over. The temperatures don’t reflect such a transition, but almost everything else does. For the most part, vacations are over. School has started. Fall plans are being implemented in our churches. We are setting out on some very well defined new directions. I suppose it is also true that some of our future directions are only just emerging. But there is transition in the air.

Although our summer was very busy and seemed to "fly by," Barbara and I enjoyed it very much. We were blessed with a few days of vacation for which we were very grateful. Upon our return from those days away everything seemed ready for renewal. There was a sense of new energy and optimism.
New challenges and opportunities were waiting. Unfortunately, there were also some of the same "old" challenges lingering around my desk and office. It seems I was ready to move on, but they weren’t!

I guess I realized again recently that it is important to stop and take a break from the world in which each one of us lives. The further realization is that once we get back on the road it becomes clear quickly that the "road" hasn’t changed much while we’ve been on vacation.
This realization was a bit disturbing to me at first. I was ready for something new. I found mostly old stuff still around. However, it has also become clear to me, again, that it is in the everyday and the familiar that God does God’s work. Newness comes in letting God transform our world into God’s world. Now that is truly invigorating. What is God going to do with me and with the world in which I exist?

Barbara and I attended the United Methodist Women’s Sunday at First UMC, Bastrop, recently. Barbara was the guest preacher. She was great and the Lord used her. The service was in the Fellowship Hall so that more people could be seated. I noticed the pulpit furniture. Beautifully crafted pieces of rough-cut timber. Carefully cut, shaped and polished. Very inspiring to see and know that someone truly allowed God to work through him/her in creating such works of art.
After the service it was explained to us that those pieces were created by one of the members of the church. Each piece of wood had been redeemed from the ruins of a home, structure or tree burned in the fire that devastated a large part of the Bastrop area and the homes of many First UMC members and friends three years ago. They were a powerful testimony!

No matter what we may think or feel, God can and will make all things new. God can and will bring beauty out of all things. God will use us for God’s new creations.   So....we look ahead to God’s future for us. We continue on the road. We rest now and then and move forward with God’s help. We are on the road toward a new annual conference, Río Texas. It is challenging and grace filled. God is in the business of transformation. May we let God use us as instruments for His beautiful work.