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Judicial Council Decision on Rio Texas Structure
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Stan Horwood Donates One Million for Theological Education
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Bishop Dorff names new director of Immigration Ministries
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Letter from Bishops in Texas
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New Confirmation Curriculum 
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Current News

UM Judicial Council affirms new conference

The United Methodist Church Judicial Council recently ruled to give specific permission for the Río Texas Conference to move forward using the unification plan adopted by both the Southwest Texas and Rio Grande Conferences at a special session Feb. 8, 2014.
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The faith we carry,
the faith we share

Faith, as scripture tells us in Hebrews 11, is “confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. This is what the ancients were commended for.”Learn more

New director chosen for Immigration Ministries
Michael Smith, a member of First UMC, Laredo, took over as the director of Immigration Ministries of The United Methodist Church in South Texas in late October.
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Mount Wesley

Southwest Texas Conference’s
retreat facility near Kerrville, Texas

Located in the heart of the beautiful
Texas Hill Country, the Mount Wesley
Conference Center is situated
on a hillside within the city limits
of Kerrville. The scenic, peaceful
64 acres of woodland provide a
unique, secluded, and safe haven
—a sanctuary from the real world—
where guests can retreat to become
refreshed and renewed.
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Bishop Dorff

Jim Dorff
San Antonio Area

This season, reflect on the world in which you live

Almost every day I am confronted with the ongoing reality that our hope and our salvation is from Almighty God, and God alone! This would seem a self-evident truth coming from a pastor and minister of the church, but it’s not quite that simple.

All of us have a tendency to think and believe that our vast experiences and our significant faith commitments place us in positions of certain knowledge and understanding. Most of us tend to live our lives as though we have answered most of the questions of life and faith. Further, we tend to be quite confident that if some new questions or issues arise it won’t take us long to figure out the appropriate answers needed for us and others.

This tendency to certainty makes for a fair degree of peace and calm. After all, we have life under control. Or do we? When I am honest with myself it is clear to me that often my “answers” are merely shallow opinions. My peace and calm can sometimes be a reflection of my lack of understanding rather than my certainty. At the recent meeting of the Council of Bishops there were several occasions when I was confronted with my own humanness and limitations. When we look seriously at the needs of the world in which we live and our contributions to the pain of God’s children we quickly come to a time of confession and repentance. May it be so for us all.

In this season of the year I ask you to reflect on the world in which we live, all of it. I also ask you to celebrate the wondrous things done by God’s people in service to that world. I further ask you to give thanks. In humility I ask you to give thanks to God. Give thanks for the sure knowledge that God is in charge, not us! Give thanks for all the gifts God has given us, including the gift of hope for a better future in Christ. Give thanks to God that our saving grace is not our hands, but God’s. Give thanks for the peace and calm that comes to us when we put our trust in God, not in ourselves. I pray that we might all have a joyous and peaceful Thanksgiving in God, the Creator and the Sustainer of us all. Happy Thanksgiving.