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Volunteers join to pack 4 million meals

At the end of five days, with the help of thousands of volunteers, University UMC and partners provided more than 4 million meals to the hungry of the world.
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New church plant ministers to arts community in Austin
They are a community of people hailing from all walks of life—musicians, artists, inventors, dancers, thespians, comedians, activists. Outcasts, even.Learn more

Serve Our Schools helps beautify, encourage
local schools
Churches all over the McAllen District spent Sept. 20 beautifying local schools during the fourth annual Serve Our Schools event.
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Mount Wesley

Southwest Texas Conference’s
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Located in the heart of the beautiful
Texas Hill Country, the Mount Wesley
Conference Center is situated
on a hillside within the city limits
of Kerrville. The scenic, peaceful
64 acres of woodland provide a
unique, secluded, and safe haven
—a sanctuary from the real world—
where guests can retreat to become
refreshed and renewed.
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Bishop Dorff

Jim Dorff
San Antonio Area

God is still at work in our pilgrimage, even in struggles

Friends, our God is amazing. How could God be so timeless, yet so present in our world today? Only God could be in all places and at all times. Only God could be so patient and loving.

Barbara and I recently returned from a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Seventy of our Río Texas brothers and sisters were with us. They were a great group of fellow travelers and searchers. We had a wonderful trip.

There were no particular signs of the recent fighting between the Israelis and Palestinians. Yet, there were signs of hostility everywhere. We were continually reminded of the hostility that existed among people thousands of years ago.

It seems we have been at war with each other for a long, long time. A walk back through the Holy Land reminds us of the ongoing nature of our inability to live peacefully with each other. The Old and New Testaments tell us of the conflicts between God and the people. They also tell us of our conflicts with each other. Sadly, you can’t help but think about the ways in which the battles and struggles continue.

However, we found Good News. We visited Bethlehem. We walked the ruins of Capernaum. We walked the shores of the Galilee. We sat in a boat in the middle of that sea. We waded in the Jordan and renewed our Baptism. We journeyed to Jerusalem, walked the Via de la Rosa and found Golgotha. Our journey ended at the Garden Tomb. It was empty!

In our world today, in our country today, in our church today, perhaps even in our families today the struggles and battles continue. How long, O Lord? In multiple ways and times we found God still at work on our pilgrimage even after all these years. The land definitely remains Holy. In God’s great gift to us I am convinced this land remains Holy, too.

May we learn from the past, actively seek peace, justice and reconciliation for the present, and commit ourselves to God’s future, not ours. The Spirit alive in that world and this will not let us go. Thanks be to God. The pilgrimage continues. Blessings for the journey!