Evangelism Team
fMembers of the E-Team stand ready to assist local congregations in finding the resources needed
to think evangelistically and to invite others into our lifestyle. They are the Rev. Dr. Ralph Mann, chair,
Rev. Scott Bradford, Mrs. Loraine Burleson, Mr. Wes Cain, Rev. Randall Hilburn, Rev. Jean Ann Karm,
and Rev. John Nicholson.

Rev Ralph Mann Evangelism
Rev. Ralph Mann, Chair
Marble Falls

Loraine Burleson Evangelism
Loraine Burleson
San Marcos

Rev Jean Ann Karm Evangelism
Rev Jean Ann Karm
San Antonio

Rev John Nicholson Evangelism
Rev John Nicholson
Rev Laura Merrill Evangelism
Rev Laura Anne Merrill
McAllen District
Cabinet Liaison

Frank Heffern Evangelism
Frank Heffern
Board of Discipleship Chair

Linda Keen
Linda Keen
Leadership Development Director
Staff Liaison