Passionate Worship Conference

Traditional, contemporary, blended, emerging, liturgical, and non-liturgical describe the diversities
of corporate worship in our congregations. We offer to lay leaders, pastors, musicians, music teams, choir members,  worship planners, and key leaders & influencers a variety of resources to meet differing needs of worshipers. Sponsored by SWTC Board of Discipleship Worship & Music Team.

Contact a member of the Worship and Music Team if you are interested in serving on a future planning
team, if you’d like to suggest a workshop topic, or if you’d like to offer a workshop on a topic in which
you have proven expertise.

Passionate Worship Conference

Rev. John Wright, Design Team Chair

What We Explored

     building experiential worship, layering, flow, subtleties, segues, cohesiveness

     vitality using familiar elements of worship in fresh, new ways that vary from place to place, context to context

     discovery of a broader, more authentic range of worship and music beyond the tradition and the classical

     growth and exposure to a variety and diversity of styles, techniques, intensities for size and context

     creativity integrating music in new ways, with silence, sounds, movement, entrances, exits, dynamics

Bishop Jim Dorff

welcomes all to the
San Antonio Episcopal Area

Bishop Will Willimon Passionate Worship Conference

Dr. Marcia McFee Passionate Worship Conference

Chester D.T. Baldwin Passionate Worship Conference

Bishop Will Willimon

prophetically challenges on Friday evening & Saturday morning with prescriptions for vital worship in 21st century mainline churches, key things we need to be doing in preaching, and key things to be avoiding & exploring.

Dr. Marcia McFee
innovative designer of General Conference UMC worship in 2008 and again in 2012, invites, ignites and creatively guides our worshipping spirits to new height, depth & breadth on Saturday

Mr. Chester D.T. Baldwin

recipient of GMWA's Best New Artist, Stellar Award, Texas GMEA Organist of the Year, & electrifying worship presence, leads Friday evening's San Antonio Area Gospel Mass Choir & Ensemble and presents Saturday morning.

Bishop Will Willimon Passionate Worship Conference

Dr. Marica McFee Passionate Worship Conference

Chester D.T. Baldwin Passionate Worship Conference

Previous Workshop Titles

These workshop titles are from 2002, 2004 and 2007 events:

How to Start a New Worship Service
Ushering Worshipers into the Presence of God
The Faith We Sing
Brainstorming Creative Worship
How to Offer a Healing Service
Global and Taizé Music
Seasons of the Christian Year
Role of Worship Committee
Creation Spirituality Worship
All is Sacred Ground/Worship Space
Instrumentation & Accompaniment
Worship Planning
Visuals in Worship
Fiesta Cristiana
Youth Worship
Working with Small Choirs
Worship Resources
Creating An Engaging Acolyte Program
Children in Worship
Creative Hymn Singing
Handbells in Worship
Drama, Dialogues & Monologues
Creative Worship in Small Church
Advent Services
Taizé Worship
Choral Reading Session
Ushers and Acolytes
Creating An Engaging Children’s Message
Church Technology 101 Basic
Leveraging Technology Advanced
Emerging Web Tech for Worship
Multi-sensory Worship
African Music
Leading Praise Worship
Celebrating Wesley’s 200th Anniversary
Narratives in Preaching
This Holy Mystery: Narratives in Preaching/Teaching
Celebrating the Lord’s Supper
Creating an Effective Drama Ministry
Liturgical Dance
Drumming in Worship
Discover the New Upper Room Worshipbook
Planning a Season of Worship
Leading Greeters & Ushers in Creating Welcoming Worship Environment